Winter Solace

Herds packed into urban factory farms, no solitude.
We are all damaged goods that can’t always be repaired,
but we can be tinkered into different forms,
build on the broken bones of our lost potential.
Give me rain
give me cold
give me windstorm
all the night.
I am the longed for isolation.
I manifest, socially cut off
alone in a crowd, hounded by the herd’s cry.
I am the demon spawned by predatory cityscape.
I walk the nightshades; those ever more shadowy seams
born from nature’s fall, and the baking of brick.
Give me ice
give me snow
give me clouds,
ominous, looming full.
I am straight out in it, no one else around,
isolation found. Tactile – let me feel.
Give me chill that seeps in deep.
Carefully layer bundle build a fire
inside your mind just to bear the chill.
The elements, isolation.
Harsh cold, social insulation.
I am the freedom craved.
I am the craving we kill.
I manifest our trapped desires.
Give me thunderclap
crackle ozone hints
I am

I had a man pat his gun at me today.
 I hope that it was not intended as a threat.
How would you take it?
He looked me deadpan in the eye.
 Oh no, hope you don’t see that guy again! 


 I’m glad you’re here to tell the story. 

It ain’t no thing, just strangers passing on the street. 

 Charming. Just a little threat to say “hello!”                  


I guess I know where his line lays. 

 Did you blow him a kiss? 

I let my eyes continue to scan the moment after our gazes locked.
It felt less like a threat and more like a “you should know”

– In the event that you should need back up
– OR had you considered liberating his funds
I grew up around guns. I can respect that. 

Maybe he was trying to make friends,
“Hey look what I got for Xmas!”
-Subtle cues in body language define boundaries,
-alert us to changes in our social environment. 

-Just keeping you on your toes…

Global Position


It’s the last kick `
Maybe kick it all
From smokes to lethargy.

Maybe not.

Maybe, just maybe,
Paw your way

Through all wires,
Fiber cables,
Transmission lines-

Extra high to low
Frequency hubs,
Gamma rays and
Waves of all kind.

Maybe, just maybe
Paw your way

Through all rules,
Habits, bias and change,
Never finding origin.

Is the name.

Add up all the points,
And what you get
Is right now.

No real direction
Or challenge to pose,
Just rage for rage.

Thank you.