Circle of Stones

The circle is cleaned.
Lost tribe positions in space.

A bell rings
the lost slowly move
super slow motion

The circle is cast,
a bell rings.

The lost journey
through the audience
to the circle.

The lost arrive,
the caster brings them in

Celebration begins
gather and dance

The lost depart.
The circle is removed  

Imprinted, a First Walk in K.L.

Alive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the layout is totally nonsensical until you realize how many hills and valleys are randomly dotted across the landscape. Sections of the city only have freeway access in and out. Once you are in a neighborhood, the local roads just make loops or dead end. Try to go for a walk outside the center, and you get the attention of the local police, not because you are doing anything wrong but because you are walking. “Nobody walks, no air conditioning when you walk,” they say.

Wander around the plaza and try to find unsecured Wi-Fi. Employees are giving me “the eye” because I am camped outside the café with a computer and vibe me that “you must purchase from our overpriced selection of burnt bitter corporate coffee beans” glare. Better make it quick, now, before they come after me with a battery powered portable coffee grinder!

Roam the street market that fully emits the most wonderful smells. Vendors of ingredients, as well as prepared dishes, dot and dashed under tarps and tin. Spices unsmelt before. “Makan asam laksa,” a taste you wish you had discovered years ago. Add to that the scent of cloves, and you got a double nostril full of spice!
“As you probably know, Malaysia is safe, no militants … at least for now,” in conversation at kedai makan, “Malaysia is far less extreme.” Only a couple women in Niqab, with only eyes showing, they are not Malaysian though. The style here is a headscarf that covers the top of the head, ears and neck, with skintight jeans and stiletto heels.
Malaysia is a widely diverse crossroads from way back in the beginning of things, an aware and open culture with various flavors of style and ways of life. definitely not dull!

Lots of spice everywhere, not just in the soup!
Kuala Lumpur is a spicy dish.

Stay real from whatever part of the globe
you happen to be trotting around.

Take it easy ya’ll.

KLMY Nov 5, 2007

Solstice Lurkers

Longest night of the year,
frozen fog cloaks night darker.

Knowing the unknown
cannot be explained

air crawls with emotion,
slow as frozen mist.

Dense mass severed from gravity,
condensed time fills the lab

family made wine’s first sip
sparks experiment off.

(?this is ritual?)

Conduit focused,
all senses off,
only straight from mind

change builds
through the mirror

(?jump start?)

from an experimental video performance

from an experimental video performance